At my school

by Nerys
(Market Drayton)

Dear Mr Boffin
What does H stand for?
How do you become a forensic scientist?
And finally what does dry ice feel like?

From Nerys (the girl from the plastic bag experiment)

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Jan 24, 2019

by: James Boffin

Hello Nerys
Great to hear from you!
No-one really knows for sure why Chief Science Agent is called H..
This is what we think happened.
The very first Chief Science Agent had a surname that began with H.
He always signed all Top Secret messages with an ‘H.’.
(That’s an H with a full stop).
Since then all other Chief Science Agents have done the same.
Even if their last names had a different initial.
Just a tradition I suppose.
How to be a forensic scientist?
Well, you need to love science and be excited about science.
But that’s easy, isn’t it?
Here’s a great page to look at to find out loads more . . .
Hope that helps but if you have more questions, just ask me.
Dry Ice feels very cold!
That’s if you feel it.
You must not feel it for more than 5 seconds!!
It is better if you don’t touch it at all because it is so, so cold.
It will really hurt.
If you do feel it for a couple of seconds it feels hard and cold.
I wish you the very best in whatever you want to do.
Maybe let me know how you get on.
Be great!

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They said it was the best day ever.


The whole school, children and adults alike, thoroughly enjoyed the activities of the day. Every single child had a positive comment to make. 

Thank you so much for a truly brilliant party - all the children were talking about it at school yesterday (and the parents).

The children absolutely did have a great day and it certainly sparked an interest in Science for many. It is clear to me, as it was to the rest of the staff, that you are passionate about Science and teaching these exciting things to children.

​Thanks James, for all your work on the day. You really animated the Bradford Science Festival and the evaluations are all very positive.

Thank you for all the wonderful work you have done with the children over the last two days. It has been fantastic to see the children's excitement and engagement in the world of science. The adults have been totally engaged too!! 

Attended a great party on Saturday - James Boffin you really entertained the children - loved the James Boffin persona/stories and the experiments. Highly recommend if you are thinking of a children's party idea or a school event. Thanks James

Dear James, thanks for a wonderful, fun-filled and exciting two days of science extravaganza! The children have had a fantastic time learning about various scientific concepts in a fun way. The dry ice workshop was a real wow moment and the final rocket launch was a definite crowd pleaser! The assembly was amazing. It was a pleasure having you at our school.

I would like to say how much our children enjoyed James Boffin at our youth club last night. James entertained around fifty 4-8 year old children and they were all mesmerized by him, as were the thirty 9-15 year olds. The kids were all laughing and shouting their little heads off. The feedback from the parents the day after was fantastic. Apparently their little ones raved on and on about all the experiments that he had showed them.