Childrens Science Entertainer
Nobody Does It Better!

James Boffin is a childrens science entertainer bringing an enthusiasm for science to children everywhere - in schools, at parties, in clubs, at corporate events and science festivals - anywhere that you want children to be entertained, educated and amused with some WOW science.

So what does this childrens science entertainer do?

Experiment, yes!

And Secret Science Agent UU7 will share some exciting experiments. Like the ones he used on his last mission for Chief Science Agent H. The mission to rescue Skwiddee, a rocket scientist, who had been kidnapped by the villainous Doctor Puss. Here's Skwiddee . . .

Let UU7 perform his story of how he rescued Skwiddee and share all the amazing science he used on the mission. And he always needs to ask for help from the children to do the experiments.

Plenty of mixed WOW experiments like . . .

  • a nitrocellulose explosion
  • science versus magic with everyone shouting out
  • model jet car for Newton's 3rd law of motion
  • butterflies and a very special science middle
  • showing how scientists keep trying, using a helicopter kit
  • Bernoulli's principle and how aeroplanes stay up
  • a dangerous chemical experiment using Kl and 30% H2O2
  • a sticky fizzy mysterious science eruption
  • a slightly scary experiment to try at home later
  • a really cute new electricity gadget that everyone loves
  • and much more

Maybe with added extra special hands-on science for everyone, like . . .

  • making goo slime with Polly Murs, then taking it home to experiment
  • touchy-feely, but safe, electricity with Tesla plasma - shocking though!
  • flying lessons for kids, and making their own science model hovercraft
  • extra WOW-factor with dry ice - four times colder than your freezer
  • rocketry with Skwiddee + rocket launch up to a quarter of a mile high
  • and many more

All completed with a huge fun finale which is to be kept secret until it's time!

And all presented to suit the age and understanding of the children. You, the children, and any grown-ups around, will be entertained, educated, and amused, all at the same time.

Like we say at Science Headquarters - "Isn't science fun?"

Find out more . . . . .

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There is nowhere James Boffin cannot go

UU7 is based in the United Kingdom but is also available for bookings worldwide. In the UK he has performed as far north as Aberdeen and south to Guernsey. And outside of Europe as far abroad as New Zealand.

Tours are currently scheduled during 2022 for Holland, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Los Angeles, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands. And anywhere in between that wants a children's entertainer and science and can understand English.

A Man From Science Headquarters

James is an experienced presenter and childrens science entertainer and has successfully completed many missions including childrens parties, school assemblies and workshops, kids clubs, science badge evenings, after-school clubs, fetes, weddings, rallies, charity events, science fairs and festivals, hospitals, summer camps, college open days, sports clubs, holiday parks, and corporate appearances.




They said it was the best day ever.


The whole school, children and adults alike, thoroughly enjoyed the activities of the day. Every single child had a positive comment to make. 

Thank you so much for a truly brilliant party - all the children were talking about it at school yesterday (and the parents).

The children absolutely did have a great day and it certainly sparked an interest in Science for many. It is clear to me, as it was to the rest of the staff, that you are passionate about Science and teaching these exciting things to children.

​Thanks James, for all your work on the day. You really animated the Bradford Science Festival and the evaluations are all very positive.

Thank you for all the wonderful work you have done with the children over the last two days. It has been fantastic to see the children's excitement and engagement in the world of science. The adults have been totally engaged too!! 

Attended a great party on Saturday - James Boffin you really entertained the children - loved the James Boffin persona/stories and the experiments. Highly recommend if you are thinking of a children's party idea or a school event. Thanks James

Dear James, thanks for a wonderful, fun-filled and exciting two days of science extravaganza! The children have had a fantastic time learning about various scientific concepts in a fun way. The dry ice workshop was a real wow moment and the final rocket launch was a definite crowd pleaser! The assembly was amazing. It was a pleasure having you at our school.

I would like to say how much our children enjoyed James Boffin at our youth club last night. James entertained around fifty 4-8 year old children and they were all mesmerized by him, as were the thirty 9-15 year olds. The kids were all laughing and shouting their little heads off. The feedback from the parents the day after was fantastic. Apparently their little ones raved on and on about all the experiments that he had showed them.